One of the main reasons why many of our patients choose Vita and why we are the reference center in fertility treatments in the province of Alicante is because we have our own laboratory in our center of Benidorm, in the hospital IMED Levante.

This virtue together with some others that are very relevant as  safety and facilities that grant us to be settled in a hospital environment, because we are the assisted reproduction service of IMED Hospitals; to have many insurances agreements and our high success rates make  that our patients trust us to reach their dream of becoming mother.

Which are the advantages of having our own laboratory?

We can offer to the patient an ideal service.

We have full assistance for all of our patients, which means that all needs are covered, involving many professionals to give an approach that covers not only the medical and physical attention, but all needs that comes along.

Because the laboratory is in the same building as our center, we avoid unnecessary displacements. In Vita we care about your time, so all the ultrasounds, oocyte collection and embryo transfer are performed in the same hospital.

This reduces time and displacements hours that can be annoying.

Finally, it is an integrated treatment in a centralized circuit, that offers all services in the same place: tests, treatment, ultrasounds, consultations and interventions are performed in the same hospital.

Including the comfort that this situation creates, there are other advantages that can be minimal, but for many women are important, for example to feel confident with the team. When you make all tests in our hospital in Benidorm, we will always be in contact with Vita team, so it provides more confidence and comfort.

Besides all these advantages in Vita you can finance your treatment in maximum 60 months, come and meet us in any of our clinics, first medical visit is always free.