If already one year went (6 months in case you are a woman over 35 years) or more since you decided to have a baby and the desired pregnancy doesn’t arrive for the moment, maybe it is time to come to a fertility clinic.

Even if you think your case is rare, it is not. Many couples, till the 15%, are on the same situation. The most important is to ask experts that can help you to achieve your dream to become parents.

Sometimes, to take the first step is the most difficult, first of all because you have to admit maybe there is a problem and you need help, and the second one, because you won’t know how the first visit will be.

To make everything easier, hereunder we will detail step by step in which it will consist. The first visit in VITA is always free, as all the check-up during Assisted Reproduction treatment, what absolutely encourages many couples to know us and trust in VITA.

The first visit in VITA

On this first visit, the gynaecologist specialised in assisted reproduction will ask some medical questions and health habits to both of you. This information is very useful to make a correct diagnosis.

For example, he will ask about age, family health history, gynaecological history of the woman (period details, family and personal medical history, previous pregnancy or abortions…) and health or diet habits.

Also, during the first visit, the gynaecologist will make an ultrasound so he can evaluate the uterus, ovaries and tubes condition, if there is any anomalies, etc… Also, he will make the first valuation of the ovarian reserve of the patient through antral follicles count that will be complemented with a hormone blood test.

The doctor will also ask for a spermiogram for the man, to evaluate the seminal amount, and to both of you, blood test to dismiss infection diseases, genetic tests and possibly complementary studies as karyotype of one or both members of the couple, to value the suitable genetic load.

One of the advantages of VITA clinic is that is integrated in the hospital environment of IMED Hospitals, and so, it makes easier for the patients to make all the tests needed for this results valuation. There is more comfort and security for the patient and a medical team of first level to rely on.

Moreover, if another professional’s opinion is needed (hematologist, endocrinologist, geneticists, andrologists, psychologists, etc…) the consultation will take place immediately, with no waiting time.

All cases are treated individually, because of this, when patients have all the results of the tests, they will have another appointment to explain the valuation of their personal situation and all the financial information that they will need for the suggested treatment.

First medical visit free also to preserve

But is not only important this first visit for couples or woman that want to have a family by their own, it is also for those woman, each day more and more, that want to preserve their eggs to use them later, when they consider is the best moment to become mother. Go on!